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Fiona Campbell – Licensed NLP Business Trainer & Coach

Fiona Campbell is an Executive Coach, NLP Business, Leadership Development Trainer and Author. She has over 35 years training delivery and business coaching experience. Fiona was a member of the team that assisted Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna on their NLP training courses in London for eight years. Fiona currently delivers coaching and training programmes in the Middle East, UK and India.


Ramesh Prasad – International NLP Trainer & Coach

Ramesh Prasad is an International NLP Trainer & Coach. He engages with people who are changing the world in which they live and work, using the versatile tools available through NLP so that they are Master of modern times.



Nick Kemp – Creator of Provocative Change Works, Trainer & Author

Nick Kemp has been involved in communication and training for over thirty years. He is the creator of the Provocative Change Works (PCW) model of communication and has used this approach to work with international athletes, TV personalities, medics and creative artists. The inspiration for the PCW model of  communication came from Nick’s extensive  work with Frank Farrelly the creator of Provocative Therapy.
Nick has appeared on BBC Radio as well as a number of international TV stations talking about his success in working with clients as both a coach and a therapist.

Abhishek Thalanki – Leadership Development Trainer, Performance & Accelerated Learning Skills Coach

Abhishek is an NLP & Leadership Development Trainer & Coach, Abhishek works with young leaders to enhance their communication and leadership skills to create a great place for people to work and achieve even better results.