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Train the Trainer

Friday, Aug 18, 2017
– Sunday, Aug 20, 2017
9:00am – 6:00pm

Event Location

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Event Fees


“I am going to be your last teacher. Not because I’ll be the greatest teacher you may ever encounter, but because from me you will learn how to learn. When you learn how to learn, you will realise that there are no teachers, that there are only people learning and people learning how to facilitate learning” – Moshe Feldenkrais

How would you like to not just capture the rapt attention of an audience and keep them riveted to your training sessions but also kindle the spark for learning and empower each individual to Be at their Best.

As a trainer you have the wonderful opportunity to evoke the curiosity of your trainees and influence their Attitudes, nurture their skills and encourage the sense of discovery so that their learning continues long after they have left the training room.

We consider A Trainer to be a Facilitator to Learning rather than a presenter of facts. Hence, This Train the Trainer course is designed to provide you practical tools, add to your repertoire of good training practices and help you bring out the best in your trainees using cutting edge Learning technologies and Training design strategies. This program is structured at multiple levels for those who are already engaged in the experience of training and aspiring trainers as well.

During this course you will be exposed to multiple training styles and you will be supported with picking up the most effective strategies from each of the styles to enhance your own. This course is about evolving yourself and your own style as a trainer.


  • To be with and lead a group of people in a way that demonstrates your unique skills and excellence and inspire them to do the same
  • To build comfortable rapport with the group
  • How people ‘really’ learn and How to create a positive learning environment
  • How to structure and plan the training session to create a seamless learning experience.
  • How to set the Context for your training with the participants
  • How to Present your trainings as a multi-level, multi-sensory learning experience to promote whole body learning
  • How to manage the mood or states in a training environment (for yourself and the group)
  • How to facilitate training sessions operating from the beliefs of excellence to promote a learner-centered pedagogy
  • How to design and create experiential learning activities to make even ‘dry’ technical material sensory rich and memorable
  • How to give clear instructions when running group activities
  • How to use stories and metaphors even more effectively to deliver the content in creative ways
  • How to share and receive feedback in a way that inspires and motivates the learner

and much much more…

The course is spread over two weekends allowing for application and integration of the learning through the course of the program.

The program is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate any specific outcomes that the participants might have and will be customized appropriately.

To deliver the best quality of training and provide time and attention to each participant, We have capped the maximum number of participants at 10


  • On receipt of your registration details, we shall send you an invoice towards your payment. On receipt of your payment your seat gets confirmed.
  • On confirmation we will have a chat by mail or phone with you to understand your outcomes.

The course fee includes:

  • All course materials
  • Refreshments & lunch on training days
  • Train The Trainer Participation Certificate
  • Entry to our Online Support/Practise Group

Event Location

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Event Fees


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