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Veeranna Hanamashetti

Process Consultant - Robert Bosch

The NLP Foundation program is one which will bring new perspectives of looking at things/situations/people around us. It also helps us to think differently about ourselves as well. In short, it helps in developing a well rounded personality.


Sushma Kanala

Senior Programmer - Accenture

A programme which really helps every individual to open up various opportunities for themselves which are already available to them which he/she is not aware of.


Saidulu Palvai

Sr. Manager - Marvell India Pvt. Ltd.

I came to the program with an open mind. I am only carrying experience, a set of new beliefs and being specific about anything in life. Finally a realization that it is all about me.


Pranath Chada

Payroll Associate - United Spirits Ltd.

Its really a good learning experience in the way of thinking and behavior to implement in day to day life.


Lina Arvind Savur

Trainer & Managing Director, Air Buddies Academy

I have attended the “Train the Trainer” workshop conducted by THSAE. I have been in the field of Aviation and Hospitality Management Training for 7 years and IATA and Travel and Tourism Training for 3 years. The “Train the Trainer” workshop has helped me realize the importance of ‘Outcomes’ and the techniques that need to be followed in order to achieve those ‘Outcomes’. The Pre-suppositions of NLP was the most interesting part of the workshop. This has boosted my confidence and self-esteem and has helped me to a great extent. Vinay Chavan and Abhishek Thalanki are Awesome Trainers, they believe in “Self Learning” and this is something I have incorporated in my training as well. I look forward to doing many more workshops with you guys.


Kavya Sridhara

Management Student, R.V.Institute of Management

It was a great experience to know that life is fun and loving. Nothing is impossible and life takes you the way you want it to be. It gave me the confidence to face anything in life. Last but not the least, it made me realize what I wanted and how to get it.


Suraj Ramchandani

B D Manager, Electromag

I now understand your reason for promoting self learning and self realisation. Very helpful and extremely well informed trainers, would be happy to recommend you guys.


Saravanan R Subbiah

Technical Architect, John Deere India

It’s an eye opener for me, you did a wonderful job in facilitating healthy discussions and experience sharing sessions.


Richa Jha

Application Engineer, Honeywell Technologies

It was having your underlying qualities and behaviour come to the surface. How to use what you have to advantage and how to get what you don’t have and make life simpler. Human mind is a wonderful thing, Explore with NLP.


N Poornima

Soft Skills Trainer

It’s an experience like never before. This program helped me to explore myself and motivated me in all aspects of life.